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We provide customers across USA with high quality wood screws. Our golden ruspert and stainless steel wood screws will make your project stand strong even with the harsh conditions.

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We are dedicated to offer you the highest customer service possible. We have been working with different types of fasteners for a long time. If you need to make a bulk order then send us a message for customised quote.

Golden Ruspert and Stainless Steel Are The Way to Go

If you want to be sure that your project lasts for a long time then golden ruspert and stainless steel screws are the way to go. Stainless steel screws will not rust and golden ruspert will protect almost against any weather situation.

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Ideal fasteners

These fasteners are well designed and manufactured, and solve the four main issues that had previously troubled me about securing decking. I am very pleased with them.Nails eventually pull out, resulting in loose (and potentially dangerous) boards. Screws are much less likely to do so.The cutting edge on the tip of the screw dramatically reduces the chances of splitting the deck board or stud when driving them.


Very impressive quality

My first major project as a homeowner was building a two-rail shadowbox fence about 800 pickets long. Each picket got two screws for each rail for a total of 3,200 screws, so I was looking to cut costs. I was glad that I spent the extra money to use screws that would not leave an ugly, black trickle of rust down my brand new pickets. Overall I am very satisfied with Grindy screws. I’ll keep buying these.


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